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I've been wondering about how good you need to be before attending a powerlifting meet, so I had a look at the GB Powerlifting Federation's local results page.  Not so much looking at the front of the pack where the barbells bend like Dali noodles and Very Big Men With Legs Like Trees* rule, so much as seeing what sort of level a dabbler should be without embarassing themselves. 

I remember doing this with triathlons too, looking at the results to see if I could expect to come in at the back or two sigmas off the back.  So: this link is a recent master's, junior and novice meet -- noobs like me. Looking at the athletes who are close to my bodyweight... I'm not there yet, but damn, you know, I might well be there next year. That's invigorating!

Just gotta unsuck this bench press... :)

* Dale Clark, The Squat.

Down this road, in a gym far away,
a young man was heard to say,
"no matter what i do, my legs won't grow"
he tried leg extensions, leg curls, and leg presses , too
trying to cheat, these sissy workouts he'd do.

from the corner of the gym where the big men train,
through a cloud of chalk and the midst of pain
where the noise is made with big forty fives,
a deep voice bellowed as he wrapped his knees.
a very big man with legs like trees.

laughing as he snatched another plate from the stack
chalking his hands and monstrous back,
said, "boy, stop lying and don't say you've forgotten,
the trouble with you is you ain't been SQUATTIN'. "

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