Apr. 9th, 2010 06:34 am
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Onboard Serenity, in the main hangar, watching Faith operate the telemetry as Buffy, off-camera and skimming atmo, guides in a solar altimeter probe.  It counts down with a grating, crunching sound every thousand feet as an old-school display board flicks its digits - then ... passes through zero.  Jayne gives one of those swively-eye looks and asks why ain't it crashed yet?

The graunching sound continues: useful bits of brain are challenged enough to start waking up.  Waking up?  Oh yeah, must be a dream.  It's a Joss mashup blended in with some some radio news piece about a satellite, but what's that damn noise?  Grekk! Grekk! Hnrrk! Gakk!

Ah yes, it's the cat hacking up a hairball.

Wakey wakey.
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Is it rude to stroke a Cat Near You when you've never seen either the beast or its feeder, but just because it is an ickle cute kitten?  I mean, is that a horrible faux pas?  Help me, Auntie Etiquette, you're my only hope.
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To which I say, "Put that mangled mouse down and eat your damn Chunk-e-Kins with a Hint of Rabbit like you always do, you big furry Drama Llama.

I am, apparently, slower than a mouse with a broken back.  Said mouse died a good ten minutes ago but Bel is still hunting it.  Bits are falling off!  But it's worth it for the floorshow: Throw mouse in air.  Gasp at mouse's bid for freedom.  Intercept mouse with fiendish claws.  Pin and paddle!

Okay, now she's eating its face.  That's just gross.
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Some memes are born to spread.  Cat owners of the world... go shopping for this.  Because your cat deserves a severed petting hand this Hallowe'en.
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It's feed-the-birds season, so I spent some time on Sunday resurrecting the bird feeders: a tower o'peanuts, some fat balls and the table for scraps.  Mr Sandwich the rook, or jackdaw depending on who's dropping bread on my garden, will be delighted.

To make this fair on the birds I also got Bel a bell.  She reacted by pulling her best disgusted face but it's supposed to help reduce birdy carnage.  After all, this isn't bait. 

Today I come home to a carpet full of feathers, one little foot, and some red jibbly bits.  Bell, schmell.
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Cat people: does a brief nuke to warm up cat food make your impossibly picky moggy eat whatever filth you set before her, as it wafts and reeks of tasty goodies?  Or is it just mine..?
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Dear gods, my cat is ugly: Beltane Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gredunza Scroggins (aproximately) on Beltane:

Cat help

Dec. 22nd, 2006 10:56 pm
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I got to get pills into my cat.  she's sussed the crumble-into-food trick and the hide-in-morsel trick.  There's just one of me: any tips on how to get a small pink pill into a small grumpy cat solo?


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