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Warren Ellis is a magnificent bastard. Ministry of Space is a delicously sly suckerpunch of a three-volume Future Shock.
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24 Hour Comics Day is a challenge to create a 24-page comic book in 24 hours. I started yesterday at noon.

I call Noble Failure: the whole thing was scripted and laid out, but only pages 1-15 were inked; I got from noon to 3:30am before my drawing hand cramped up and my brain noticed that it had been running on Red Bull and cherry bakewells for hours.  The planned power nap overran in epic scale and that's the deadline popped.  I'll scan the completed thing, plus roughout pages for the unfinished stuff, and submit that; later on I'll finish the thing at the same pace because I wanna.

It's a weird challenge.  24 pages of anything is a lot of sheer output.  The Nanowrimo schtick applies: quantity beats quality, because if you have two utterly beautiful pages you fail.  I wonder if that's where Gaiman got stuck? Or perhaps it was where my nemesis kicked in, with six-panel pages rich in dialogue.  Too much story and it slows ya down.  I needed splash pages and some more decompression.

Thank the gods for Wally Wood - his 22 Panels That Always Work were to me like a thesaurus to an English student,
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Today's missed swim is due to two things.  The first is an exquisite case of Headbanger's Neck - day-two DOMS for the whole posterior fascia: trapezius, levator scapulae, rhomboids, latissumus dorsi, serratus, erector spinae, supraspinatus and subscapularis, don't forget the sternocleidomastoid, add a little intercostals, now hear the word of the Lord! 

Like all good day-two DOMS, it's deeper, duller, stiffer and spread wider than day one.  This is what I get for pogoing to Mindcrime until I headbutt the ceiling.  Still, I always enjoy the awareness of all that yummy structure.  It's like the detail in a nice bit of Gothic architecture, structural and fractal, a squishy constellation of forces.

The other reason I'm not wreathed in the delicate aroma of chlorine is Warren Ellis, damn him, and his collection of one-shots Global Frequency.  The Frequency is an organisation of experts and agents, and at any time they could get called up to do something vitally important that only they could do (usually: mop up or prevent some ghastly horror).  They're not supers - some are just cops and geeks - and it's totally hooked me in that "wow, could this work for real?" kinda way.


Jan. 5th, 2009 10:57 pm
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Been whiling away the tunnel hours with DC's Preacher, and apart from being damn good, I feel obliged to say this: The Saint of Killers is the scariest damn sonofabitch I've ever met in a comic book.
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Once upon a time there was a comic artist called Wally Wood.  Wally drew for Marvel in the Silver Age, and Mad, and plenty of other stuff; he also came up with the 22 Panels That Always Work.  They're just a collection of 22 comic-book panel layouts which, well, work really nicely. 

Now [profile] pvenables of webcomic 13 Seconds has put up a 22 Panels challenge.  The original Wally Wood layout is there (print it as big as you can) as a template.  Just the thing to help get me into using my tablet and get a handle on visual grammar.
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I've just learned of a thing called a Masters of the Universe Skeletor Breakfast Burrito.

My poor little mind is reeling.  Please, Americans, tell me it isn't so.  It sounds like a triumph of food technology and marketing over common sense, decency and all things right and proper!
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Just remember what it was like before he got supers out of their lycra and into some nice tight leather: Lurking behind the cut is a promotional poster for a mid-90s live-action version of Gen13.  Yes, Gen-13 with the boobs and the lesbians and the really really useless male characters.

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Fearless Griggs by Any Helms, coloured by meThanks to Brass Goggles for pointing out the awesomeness that is Fearless Griggs.  Tall-tale steam-age arse-kicking silliness that's just as drunk on LXG as it is stoned on Tank Girl.  No, really, it's that good.  And that's just the downloadable taster.  Get it, unzip it, say "dude" too much.


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