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Or am I making hotroot and shrimp soup, a la Redwall's otters, out of coincidence? 
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Wow, what a foul programme.  Under the thinnest of "health is good, hm'kay" veneers we get two poor individuals who are paraded as physical and psychological freaks ("she eats a cake every hour!" - "she runs a marathon before a breakfast of coffee and dexedrine!") before being made to spend time eating what the other one eats.  We get to watch the inevitable skinny person's distress as they run out of internal space (their mental issues notwithstanding - this is pretty much torture if you've got food issues) and the fat person's distress as their digestive system, rigged to fuel a hefty body, runs on empty (and if you've never been fat and hungry, you've no idea *how* hungry that can be, srsly).

I mean, why not just set fire to some kittens or something? 

There's a line between interesting (if prurient) health telly and torture porn.  "Freaky Eaters" is the good side; "Supersize vs Superskinny" is the bad side.  It's gratuitous and cruel.
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I've just learned of a thing called a Masters of the Universe Skeletor Breakfast Burrito.

My poor little mind is reeling.  Please, Americans, tell me it isn't so.  It sounds like a triumph of food technology and marketing over common sense, decency and all things right and proper!
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Yup, somebody's had the idea of packing water-rich fruit in a pressurised environment so when you pop the can, your grapes sparkle.

No, I'm not making it up.  Firsthand reports of it at Wal*Satan in the States mean it'll be at an Asda near you soon.  And actually, it could be kinda fun, especially chilled.

Behold, Babylon:


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