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Dragonforce's new album Inhuman Beatdown gets all the good stuff out of the way in the first minute: a demented intro, some funky high-speed key changes and silly science-fiction lyrics.  Then it rambles on like an old lady full of amphetamines for far too long.  Their chronic lack of vocal affect has strapped on a couple of extra chorus pedals and "eternal misery" is delivered with the tormented, emotional wrench of "hey mum what's for tea?", and the rest of the band blue into each other in a samey though hyperkinetic porridge.  Sorry guys, I want to like it but it's just dull.  Apart from that first track, anyway.

I'm glad I didn't waste actual money on it; File > Delete.
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Just think of all the animals you ever heard about
Like rhinocerouses tigers cats and mink
There are lots of funny animals in all the world
But have you ever seen a mastodon that's pink?
Think!  A mastodon that's positively pink?

The opening drumroll of Mastodon's album Blood Mountain has been niggling since I first heard it.  Now I'm convinced I know why: the Texan math-rockers lifted it wholesale from the opening to the Pink Panther cartoons.  I call Easter egg!
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Who did the thrash cover, the one with the grunted vocals and drum blasts?  Or am I imagining it?
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There's a Canadian government report on BoingBoing which seems to prove what I've been saying all along:
  • Music sharers buy more music than average ("one additional P2P download per month increases music purchasing by 0.44 CDs per year").
  • Home ripping is not killing music ("no direct evidence to suggest that the net effect of P2P file sharing on CD purchasing is either positive or negative").
In other words, the people who are ripping and sharing stuff are actually the good guys, and even if they weren't, their transgressions have no impact at all on the overall market.  Music industry, please take note and back the hell off.  We love music.  We buy music.  We share it with our friends.  Now rein in the attack dogs and get back to finding some cool artists.
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She wears a two way, but I'm not quite sure what that means.

I'm not.  I never have been.  Ferocious googling and even consulting American yoof has failed, utterly, to come up with a satisfactory answer.  I may even have posted this before.  Because frankly unless I can unpick this lyrical mystery, I'm either going to have to ask Burtch Walker myself or have the damn thing carved into my tombstone.
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I swear, the designers of Rez are Shamen fans.  Running in the dark with traffic and dawn-glow, Librae Solidi Denari from Boss Drum could be straight from the sountrack.  I was even chasing an eye-cursor over the kerbstones to the sound of the hi-hat.
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Why else, in the middle of his current single Touch The Sky, would he say:

"I'm trying to stop lyin' like I'm Mumm-Ra"

Yeah, evil, evil pun. But even better than "police stay on us like tattoos" or "so we get weird grow beards and disappear into the mountains" in my book. And you know, it actually does something: Mumm-ra's sole role, eternal failure and (we must assume) greatest torment was to nab that pesky Thunderan.

Rap is fun. I bet you Kanye fancied Cheetara just like the rest of us.


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