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I was going to write up something epic, but Charlotte has beaten me to it so here, clicky and marvel at the derring-do derringly done

(update: the result has been corrected since C wrote this)
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Pennyfarthing at station (by andygates)Took the pennyfarthing out for an afternoon of practice today: train down to town, then walked it to the big, traffic-free bike-pathy rec area and spent a couple of hours scooting, coasting, mounting, and bailing. By the end, I was up to "scoot, mount, and just about propel on the flat" - which I'm happy with.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, broke into smiles seeing it. Old guys grinned. Young guys grinned. Middle-aged lesbians grinned. They all wanted to know more: this is not the machine for a quiet life. BMX kids said "woah, awesome" so much I thought I'd turned into Keanu Reeves. I had to stop for four photocalls and a Downs girl in a special-needs trike (steered from behind by tiller) burst into applause. And I still can't ride the bloody thing -- yet!

It's odd how different it is from a regular bike. It's closer to learning to swim: a series of movements to get right, and slow progressive physical proprioceptive learning with dollops of raw nerve. Easier than snowboarding. It was cold and tough enough to demand a little apres ([ profile] geckoinpdx , the Jäger is your fault!) before heading home. And now I'm sore, dammit, that machine is fifty pounds and four feet high, she's a large lady and she takes a lot o'wrasslin'.
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"Mister, does it hurt when you fall off that thing?"
Why, yes, yes it does, child.

"Mister, here are your glasses."
Thank you child, they must have been propelled from my head in the tumble.

"Are you gonna have another go, Mister?"
I think not, not until my arse is back to its usual colour.
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Can anyone point me toward what keen highwheel cyclists - racing and touring - around 1885 wore?  Have pennyfarthing, need outfit.  Or at least, outfit ideas to bastardise in the same way that the wheel is getting a luxeon/carbide lamp anachrofusion.  Authenticity be damned, but it's a starting point.  There are some nice caps inna Yehuda Moon style over at Etsy...


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