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Looks like we've got a pandemic flu again.  The Wikipedia page has the freshest summary location-by-location; the UK doesn't have it yet as the sniffly flight attendant tested clearFluWiki is where to go for the science; here are the WHO and American CDC pages..  The current numbers -  around 80 fatalities in around 1000 cases - makes it 8% deadly, a little below the 1918 Spanish flu but numbers are still coming in.  Like the Spanish, the casualties are mostly healthy prime-of-life types, so it's killing by cytokine storm, which means that you, my lovely thirtysomethings, are right in the firing line.  It may be prudent to GetPandemicReady

Flu's transmitted by droplets of infected water entering the body or mucous membranes.  A face-mask will prevent you spreading it; a respirator will prevent you getting it.  N95, N99 or EU FFP2 and FFP3 are the good stuff, but if you're in a sump of sneezing infected, don't forget to protect your eyes too. 

It's almost impossible to catch flu on a bicycle.  Buses are a different matter.  Just one more reason bikes win, even in the Captain Trips Lurgypocalypse.

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If you've got young kids you might want to get hold of the Sesame Street kid-friendly disaster-preparedness DVD, Let's Get Ready!  Wow.  Bert, Ernie and a fallout shelter.  Big Bird getting bird flu.  Oscar the Grouch versus the zombie hordes...

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My ISP is down.  There is vexation among the masses, particularly as I need one set of contact details soon or a real-world transaction will bork.  C'est la risk of putting a bunch of stuff on a wiki online; it's available everywhere, but it's very unavailable if the ISP does the dying fly.  So I'm sat here like a lemon, fighting the urge to go to treeware despite its many and obvious suckings.

"Munky!  We need more technodgeoly"
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1: The subject thread titled "My beard gets caught in my CAR-15 stock." - you couldn't make it up.

2: Tanklimo.
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After the big floods a few days ago, a goodly chunk of Gloucestershire citizens don't have clean tapwater.  The flood knocked out a main water processing plant; the water company are providing bowsers of clean water.

Just for the record: people complaining that the supplied bowsers are empty, while standing in pouring rain, and declaring that they need the water to wash with - these people are nucking fumpties.  Rainwater is potable.  You catch it in a clean bucket, and voila, water.  Stop gabbing about how mean it is that your equally-thick neighbour has taken all the bowser water to wash their ASBO brat, and sort yourselves out!



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