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Fully Furnished Apartments For Rent in Ulaanbaatar

2 bedrooms, 2nd floor, 80m2, Located Near Khaan Irish Pub, $450/mo

...and then photos of the apartments, just like you'd expect.  No attached nasties, no drive-by HTML, just a totally irrelevant advert for apartments in the capital of Mongolia. 

I think that beats the repeat offender who tries to sell me industrial quantities of automatic curtain mechanisms.  What's your best?
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You know who's to blame for spam?  I mean, really, deep-down the root cause?  Buddhists.  No, really.  Bear with me.  Buddhists are the guys who came up with the prayer wheel: a mechanical device that chunters through scripture automatically.  Prayer wheels driven by wind or water are old and traditional and very cool, and they increase the net level of enlightenment on Earth.

That will never do.  There's balance to be considered.  You can't just go around enlightening the whole world.  What insolence, what arrogance!
And so the dark side whispered in a few ears, and suggested to a few crooks that a bit of automated villiany would be a smart move.  The crooks win, but more importantly the internet becomes full of a grinding miasma of fraud attempts and adverts for stuff whose sole benefit is to make you feel as good as you did before you read this advert (you dickless, pimple-breasted, pudgy low-rent dirtball, yes, you, c'mon, click here).  And unlike the dread sigil odegra, which can fill up with traffic and stop moving, the spam factories keep on keeping on, day and night, limited only by the bandwidth they can con out of people.

Balance is restored.
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It's geek awesomeness in pure California fanservice style: 3D Mailbox takes your inbound mail. Good mail becomes beach totty which hangs around the pool tanning and oiling each other up; bad mail becomes sweaty tattooed goons who get fed to sharks. Nerdgasm! (Needs more gore)

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It shall be permitted to punch spammers in the throat.
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Ain't grammar wonderful?  You can use it to detect bogosity.  What kind of person thinks that this is a convincing PayPal alert:

When you can make a healthy living from one in a million respondents, does it matter how lame your message is?  If you're dealing with the bottom millionth of the bell curve, I doubt that a misplaced apostrophe will make a jot of difference.  Those users, the same people who have trouble working out 20% off sale prices, are saying, "Urgh, it sez paypal so it wuz from paypal, innit," but, arguably (social Darwinism notwithstanding) they're the very users who need protection the most.

What I need is a spam filter that parses grammar and decides that things like this are rubbish.  "Paypal don't send stuff with exclamations in and misplaced apostrophes" - a perfectly simple rule for humans, but a toughie for our whirring and bleeping slaves.


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