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This one's for [personal profile] thudthwacker: behind the cut is a snap of a prototype action figure for an 1880s Transformers Optimus Prime / Steam Locomotive.  It's from the Transformers: Evolutions - Hearts Of Steel miniseries, which didn't do hugely well so the figure was at least mothballed, if not canned.  It's a good couple of hundred tonnes of riveted squee.
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Can anyone point me toward what keen highwheel cyclists - racing and touring - around 1885 wore?  Have pennyfarthing, need outfit.  Or at least, outfit ideas to bastardise in the same way that the wheel is getting a luxeon/carbide lamp anachrofusion.  Authenticity be damned, but it's a starting point.  There are some nice caps inna Yehuda Moon style over at Etsy...
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My Nokia 770 web tablet has a dead spot on the screen.  It needs repairing or it's a chore to use - which means a new screen.  Now, when-new the thing was a couple of hundred pounds, but since the 800 came out, the value of the 770 has plunged and they're on ebay for under £100.  I'd be amazed if a screen replacement out-of-warranty cost less than the replacement cost of the device.  The screens themselves are available for €119; once you add postage to that it's close to the replacement of the whole unit.  And I want to casemod this anyway into a Clockwork Confabulator.

So, sports fans, does yours truly:

1: Just casemod the existing device, accepting that it is an end-of-life skunkworks product and that I'll have to live with the dead spot.  By the time I actually finish the project it'll be more obsolete than a Palm 3 anyway...

2: Replace the screen (risking bricking the device) then casemod away?

3: Get a second unit from ebay, and casemod the new or old one as takes my fancy.
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More steampunk Star Wars reimagining, character art and the Cantina scene, from "system404" here at IFX.  Click through the picture for high-res loveliness.  My favourite?  Vader's pea-green cavalry coat, of course.

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I've just discovered Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines, shameless YA steampunk centred around vast moving cities roaming a war-and-ecotastrophe-blasted Earth scavenging old tech and preying on each other for resources.  While not anything like as filling a meal as Pulman's His Dark Materials, it's a grand ripping yarn.  Rubber coats and class strife and goggles and infernal weapons and airships... and Shrike.  "It will take a lot more than being run over by a couple of towns to finish Shrike."  I am already a Shrike fanboy.

leach on the Wii - from Kotaku.comChina's internet authorities continue to be both egregious and inscrutable: they have ordered World of Warcraft skeletons to cover up.  Quite why skeletons must but zombies don't have to is beyond my paltry reasoning capacity. 

And in Wii news (yes, yes, I'll bring it along to the next surf weekend just for the bowling) Lego Star Wars look to be having conceptual problems wii-ifying - no, we don't want to waggle our arms furiously, we want meaningful movement - but Sega might have a winner with their fighter based on the Bleach manga.  Semi-cel-shaded always works for me, and from the looks of it it's meaningful combos to execute moves, rather like Eye Toy's Antigrav.  One to watch.
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Isn't this a pretty laptop mod?  Marie Robinette Kowal's prettified laptop (casemod-lite, neh?) as seen on Gizmodo and her blog.  Lots of sticker-work, including custom keys done the way I'd do it: Google-gank a stock image, pick a nice typeface and print a sticker sheet of faux keys.  The end result sits halfway between domestic tech (think black enamel Singer sewing machines, a fetish item of mine) and a ladies' journal.  Delightful.

The tech here is just sheets of stickers from (custom laptop vinyl from your jpg - can we say "Squee!"?)

A darn sight easier than doing it the hardcore hardware way.  Tempted?  I know I am!


May. 31st, 2007 11:36 pm
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I got suckered into a photoshop contest over on the Anachrotech LJ group... I'm no ninja, but I'm quite pleased with my doodles.  With apologies to Kim Stanley Robinson, what if a demented pirate airship had been moored on South Georgia when he and his little crew made it there?  The rescue on Elephant Island might have looked a little different...

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Take one cultural icon and give it to a bunch of artists.  The result: this fantastic array of really cool Darth Vader Helmets (I like the rusty rivetty one).


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