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Last year I realised that I've been cycling for a quarter century.  I wanted a tattoo to mark that... but what to get, when every bike would exclude some other sort of bike (even a "cogs 'n' chains" design would kybosh the penny farthing!)?  Eventually I settled on a bit of Science, the power formula for bikes, which describes how hard you have to work to overcome the various resistances I've resisted every week since I was eleven.
Pics after the cut )
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Been working from home today, a spot of overtime moving user shares from one (old, stuffed, wheezy) server to another (new, fast, capacious).  The data, as is data's wont, is old and crufty, full of illegal filenames and impossible permissions dating back to 2002: half a terabyte of the worst of the worst - and by crikey, the whole gruesome job went according to plan.  And the overtime will pay for the trip to Jay (who just won a convention comp) for more ink next weekend.  Sweet.
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ModBlog has a couple of stunning shots of a chap getting a Vitruvian Man scarification
(WARNING: Not worksafe! SI-triggering! Gory!) in this new precision-cutting style.  The level of detail, the sheer technical workmanship of it, is just awesome.  And they seem to heal nicely too (NWS again!  Boobies!).

Though - and this from a chap who got a ring through his knob, don't forget - that's really got to freaking hurt.  I mean, worse than suspension hooks.  But maybe I just grok not.  Certainly its another technique that, like dermal anchors, is producing some interesting hybrid pieces (tattoo/scar butterfly looking almost like stained glass; tattoo with bling anchor sparkle). 

Now where's the mammoth ivory when I need it?


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