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I want to do more running this winter than I did last winter, and that means I'm going to need some illumination -- the gym will kick me out eventually, and I'm rural, and I like running on country roads at night.  Right now I've got two head-torches that aren't up to the job: an old camping one with a regular bulb (man, I feel old) and a tiny emergency one that's ace for emergency repairs / tent fun, but doesn't throw enough of a beam to run freely.

So, what do folks recommend?  I'm looking to run on and offroad in pitch darkness, so powerful light scores more highly than burn time (this isn't for overnighting).  The Petzl Myolite 3 is looking good, so's the CatEye Tora.  Any opinions?  Any other brands to suggest?
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I'm like a lot of leisure athletes in that I pop a couple of ibuprofen before a particularly long or hurty event.  I do it in the belief that it 'takes the edge off' hurty joints when running half-marathon distances, or knee and assbone aches on epic rides.  It's a standard behaviour -- but it doesn't seem to actually be true.  This NYT article says:

"...the latest research into the physiological effects of ibuprofen and other NSAIDs suggests that the drugs in fact, have the opposite effect. In a number of studies conducted both in the field and in human performance laboratories in recent years, NSAIDs did not lessen people’s perception of pain during activity or decrease muscle soreness later."

So, maybe I'll leave it out for my next biggie. 

Do you pop painkillers before expecting to get hurt? 
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I like picking up hitchers.  The stories are worth it - even if they're really mundane, they're always new to me, and today's (the Grand Guignol life of Donna Rascal and her Spongebob square pants) was particularly memorable.  Is the life expectancy of the homeless in the UK really just 42?  Scary.  Still, she's deposited in Glastonbury and I got to be kept alert on the drive and assuage my carbon guilt, so we all win.

I was there for swim coaching.  The session was pretty handy, pointed out where my stroke was wonky, offered some good stuff to help with that... and then finished on two lengths of butterfly.  Never done it before, so length one was a frothing, gasping foambeater, but somewhere on length two I actually found a rhythm and some sort of a stroke.  This lubber absolutely loves it when he gets something right in the water - it's a rare treat.
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Two questions for the training massive:

1) What do you think of the Bath half-marathon?  I need an early-season half, and Bath has a reputation and a seething crowd.  Goal is to be 1:55 ish, so if it's groovy for plodders but grim for elites, I can handle that ;)

2) Are you doing any strength work in the offseason?  I'd be interested in comparing programmes, especially as a tri-useful core-and-upper-body approach is a tad different from my usual "mongo pick up! mongo drop! clank! mongo happy!" plan. 
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Interesting article here for the tri training posse.  Basically: shovel down 4 grammes of carbs per pound of bodyweight and after an initial puff-out you become a lean mean hyper-fuelled training machine.  Most endurance athletes are wretched starvelings, it seems.
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Just setting one up (since I can't actually train godsdammit) as I'm sure some of you can't be doing with the blether half the time (and it means I can be a bit more verbose and techy).  I've added the usual suspects, but comment here if you wanna be added.


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