Ike wrapup

Sep. 14th, 2008 06:28 pm
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Yay, not many people died.  The partygoers on the Poop Deck scurried home while the waves destroyed nearby bars.  Lots of power is out - can someone tell me why the US has so much power infrastructure aboveground?  And the story of the storm probably has to be the freighter Antalina, which was definitely in peril on the sea: she lost power and the crew just had to ride it out and hope real hard.  That's not a place I'd want to be.  The pic after the cut is a synthetic aperture radar shot showing Antalina in the eye - she's the white dot.  "Ball-shrinking dread" is about the right description for the situation they were in.

Big pic... )
In unrelated disaster-relief news, did anyone else see Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson piloting a charter jet to rescue XL holidaymakers from their company's collapse?  "I'm here for the catering, I brought along a few bags of croissants."   Truly surreal.

Huff, Puff!

Sep. 6th, 2008 08:20 pm
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The Atlantic is having a larf.  Tropical Storm Hanna is about to lash New Jersey, before curling up the rest of the US Eastern coast, joining up with the raggedy remnants of Gustav, and re-empowering as an extra-tropical windstorm to menace Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe in general in about a week -- and us with this sodden ground, that's a recipe for a remake of the Great Storm of '87 that had a lot of trees down or the Burns' Day storm that, as I recall, led to much tree-dodging hilarity for Bristol students who had to cross the Downs on foot that night...

Meanwhile Hurricane Ike is skirting Haiti and the models show it blowing between Cuba and Florida, into the Gulf of Mexico where, you guessed it, it'll intensify in the warm water and curve North into the central Gulf Coast, with about half the models suggesting that really, New Orleans is getting to be a dumber place to live than Etna or Hackney.

Ike tracks behind the cut )
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Hanna modelsThese are the current NHC computer models for Hurricane Hanna (get the Google Earth layer here and there's model detail for Hurricane Gustav and newly-named Tropical Storm Ike as well). 

Now, long-range modelling gets ever so baggy, but a good half of those models have Hanna looping back into the mid-Atlantic once she's raised insurance premiums in the USA.  That means in about three weeks or so there'll be a doozy of a storm -- and that means a doozy of a swell.  Talk about equinoctal blow, it could be huge.  Too huge?  I dunno - a hurricane storm swell might actually determine if [livejournal.com profile] skean  has a sense of fear after all ;)

There's also the chance, if Ike doesn't get his shift on and Hanna loops back tightly, of the two doing a sweet little Fujiwara dance in the middle of the ocean.  How cool would that be?

The season finally got interesting.

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"This year marks the first time in recorded history that two Category 5 storms (Felix and Dean) have made landfall in the Atlantic basin in the same year. Since reliable record keeping began in 1944, there have been 27 Category 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic. Eight of these have occurred in the past five years." - WeatherUnderground.com

Interesting times, indeed.
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According to the Met it's 3.2 degrees over the average for April.  T-shirt weather in the evenings, here - another roasty toasty record to add to the collection of records.  Kew are worried that the mild winter (the Year Without A Winter down here) has failed to kill off leaf-miner larvae and the glut of 'em is now seriously threatening English oaks.  And I was just buzzed - while buying chips at 22:30 in my t-shirt - by a privet hawk moth, a high-summer species.  Big juicy one too. 

Am I the only one getting a wrongness feeling?  It's not feeling so much balmy as much as under the Sunbane.  Gonna be a granny-killer for sure; I'll plumb in the rainwater-catcher for the water butt tomorrow, methinks.
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So I was chatting on J Random Channel last night when the news broke about the epic crop of tornadoes that hit the usual suspects in the USA and opened tornado season with a strong bat.  On hearing that one had hit Alabama, someone quipped, "That's God's revenge on them for banning dildos."

Now I just can't get out of my head the image of a twister absolutely chock-full of flying contraband sex toys, whirling around among the root tiles and bits of trailer park, impaling themselves in masonry and startled preachers and landing, out of the funnel, in the laps of delighted spinsters and Catholic schoolgirls. 

I need to go storm chasing.
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It's groovy UI day. I was going to werble on a bit about the doughnut menus in Second Life, which create a kind of quick pseudo-gesture once invoked with a right-click. I'm generally not fond of gestures or wacky UIs but this one seems to work pretty well; well enough for me to spend last night making objects without going stir-crazy and yelling at the machine.

But then I was seduced away from that by an even groovier UI notion on ShinyShiny: a device whose physical characteristics change as its data characteristics do in a wonderfully intuitive way. Yep, a memory stick which inflates just like a hoover bag. I think that's a great bit of UI.

Meanwhile that warm breeze that's kicking off today? It's the fag-end of Hurricane Gordon. You never know, could be fun, but nobody at the Beeb has said there's no chance of a hurricane yet...


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