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This is quality:

Best bit? Settling a Lancaster one hundred and twenty feet over the lake and hearing "Just like Beggar's Canyon back home."
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In a story from Slashdot, it has finally been confirmed that Krome Studios will be doing a Wii version of Star Wars: Force Unleashed and that it will have wiimote-lightsabers and that there will be multiplayer duel mode.

The Slashdot tags sum this up perfectly:  geekgasm.

Now get this right, guys: the Wii suits casual play so let's have easy drop-in duel mode, nice fast turnaround, and if you'd enable the mics we know are tucked away there, I'd quite like to be able to say "Only a master of evil, Colin," to my foe; multi-camera video recording would be a shiny bonus so I can save my utter pwnage of little children to show to my friends (well, to Youtube).

This is the killer app.  Please don't frack it up.

Fish face

Aug. 3rd, 2007 02:38 pm
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I've just noticed that we have an Adam Ackbar in one of our user lists.  Unfortunately he's a mental health nurse, rather than the commander of the Alliance fleet.  But hey, it's nice to know that one of our secure psychiatric units is being staffed by the Mon Calamari.
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More steampunk Star Wars reimagining, character art and the Cantina scene, from "system404" here at IFX.  Click through the picture for high-res loveliness.  My favourite?  Vader's pea-green cavalry coat, of course.

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Take one cultural icon and give it to a bunch of artists.  The result: this fantastic array of really cool Darth Vader Helmets (I like the rusty rivetty one).


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